A moment of falling

Embrace the dreams of the falls

Only quickly, in the heat,

You will see a world of inclusions

All the confusion that is screaming

May cause exacerbation

To those dreams and those eyes

What gives rise to tension

Phrases, images, words.





My eye plane hides

Love, hope and you.

She leaves in the world

Maybe everyone, but not me

When I sleep then I hope

Change the world in sight

But I understand that I'm turning pale

And I can't hide my worries.

I'm tearing the world apart

And I'm waiting for illusions from him.

Yes, everyone is now in prickly power

The madness of that.





From panicky flights

I try in the distance

Afraid of fears and reproaches

Dissolve in the dark.





How quickly thoughts coarse

Those people who are no longer the same

They pass, kill

All our senses are in vanity.