Lead dance
Ballet doll from Phoebus
Dances with a satyr in his soul
Like a bird flying into the sky
She flew away already ...
With eyes of leaden hope
Everything looks at the world of emptiness
Taking off earthly clothes,
Walking the tightrope of a dream.
And in the morning in a whitish winch,
Seeing the ballet flight
Satyr in theatrical gait
From the mannered doll will die.
January 20 06

Orchid myth
With the satin gaze of the invisible
Crystal maiden gold,
You haunt me in the haze
Like a glassy and silent myth.

And I smolder in the fog,
Seeing a soft, gentle touch
Like a witching orchid
I am looking for you among others.

In the submissive music of the surf
With a breath of rare nudity
You disappear into a paradise of peace
Leaving me the absurdity of dreams.

The eyes are filled with pleading.
Come, come to me again
Stay for a moment in my spring
I do not want to lose you.

And every morning at dawn
When the soul blooms
I will, perhaps, follow,
Slide, shivering a little.
January 27 06

Cooled people
Don't wait for me in vain
Dumb with a ringing joy.
It will be cold and stormy
Conceal then peace.
Forever hands will be cold
Our timidity is empty.
We're like secret partings
We leave the moment barefoot.
Sounds play far away
At the blackening gate
We are already strangers - servants
Enchanted swamps.
January 31, 06

Field Psyche
I'm bitter - sad to caress
Dropped locks of dust.
And it is quietly vulnerable to meet
The broken whisper of wormwood.

Paper stalks of waste
They will cover you with a blanket.
Sad sleepy sunset
Auknet in the fog is tired ...

I will spread the buds of shadows
By the spicy road of bloom,
When your honey villain
Will go to the grave of aging.

But don't you be sad on earth
Sparing cold curls.
You are in a sweet cherry border
My field Psyche.
January 31, 06


Piercing Angel
We were bored in sweet bliss
With dreams of ringing destiny.
As in a piercing fear fell
All our words and prayers.

You have become a mystery of blooms
In my yellowed soul
Like a ghost of raw dreams
I am waiting for the darkness of love already.

Come back waiting for the night
My, angel, haughty loss.
Look into my spicy eyes
In a new decisive way.

And we will timidly whirl
Around the field quinoa.
And we will begin to dream figuratively
A beacon of witchcraft slander.

Caress the farewell torments
Our secret unsteady surface.
I will be accidentally separated
To meet you with stupidity.
5 February 06


Farewell Sonnet
I'm in the park, playing with shadows,
In your black silks,
As in a dumb temple
I will remain in anxious captivity.

And the drops in the sleepy cool
Hang down like the fingers of a dream.
I will become submissive
Weep from your nakedness.

You gave me a violet
Behind a thin veil of dreams
And the heart is now inside out
Sings like a night Theologian.

Our gloom of nettles flickers
Like a scarlet baptismal dress.
We are the wind of the patterned cornfield.
Cuckoos are flying over us

And in the morning with rays, invisibly,
Leaving the pearl bracelet
You played the piano
Farewell last sonnet.
6 February 06

Misty Delight
I can't sleep at night
When you are silent in response to me,
Or ran between us
Waning no.

But I will not be deluded
In crazy bliss, daring,
I'll just laugh harder
With your wounded soul
Let the wrinkles of our meeting
Erase into the sensual distance.
And I'll light the candles with my eyes
Putting on a brooding shawl.

Will leave the hazy delight
My lavender surface.
Or maybe so fate should be
To hug you and lose you.
7 February 06

Deaf Russia
Invisible cry in the land of the deaf
The ragamuffin boy is playing.
As a confession of the dumb fields
He gives an ardent caustic dance.

Sadness and fear in his eyes
Keeping insane impulses.
He's like a crazy, barefoot monk
Draws hellish motives.

Yellower wind without end
It's lonely in the gray expanses.
And you are alone, without a deity
You kiss the angel cruelly.

And in the distance the church bells
A resounding prayer howls.
And you whisper, as in unison -
I can't hear Russia! Everything dies!
9February 06


In our Age of haughty expectations
I met you in the crowd.
It was a winter of other people's tales
And I didn’t believe fate.

You have appeared like a dove of peace
Giving me an eccentric bouquet.
But in an instant the stichera ended,
And you left like a dried flower.

Moscow ... a winter of memories.
Around the dead, quiet coldness.
In the snows of maddened desires
Glided down the street Ignat.

I called him in the shimmer
Trembling lips in the wind.
He turned around in anticipation
Having said, we will meet by morning.

He took off the ring while smiling
From the hand that turns white in the night
And like a rake proudly repenting
Put it on, whispering - shut up, shut up.

The lantern staggered dejectedly
From the echoing blizzard of February.
He darted in the light of his eyes.
With a cold look at me.

In his rye eyes, his resentment
The reproach of an exquisite dream.
He is the embodiment of Hades -
A dreamer of lunar beauty.

The stars sang without a trace
The chilled voice is golden.
I felt trembling and chilly
Keep your image young.

And I went with a playful step
Like a cat of happiness around the yard
I became a Magician today
We'll see you by morning.

Moscow ... the winter of other people's confessions.
I'm waiting for a familiar face
I'm like a vagabond of compassion
Twisting the wedding ring.

A humble step kept by pain
I was shown a sinister rock.
It's like I'm all beaten by moths -
My rainbow prophet has disappeared.

One is delirious about sticky salt.
And I hear the ragged thrill of the birds.
I return to the land of bondage
Your tucked eyelashes

Puffy snowflakes bent down
At the flabby low gate.
Two praying mantis
When I came to my parish.

In an antique matte headscarf
With the cross of humiliated people,
I disappeared into a copper haze
Praying for the damned devils

Now it's gratifying in the twilight
Trample on forgotten tracks.
He is somewhere in a tailcoat
Without fear, pendants.

The moonlight sonata plays
Surf agonizingly through.
I forget Ignat's gaze,
Going to a tavern with a dumb soul.

Moscow ... a winter of empty curses,
Night bondage dries.
I enter the shame of bad weather,
To the carbon monoxide world, to the abode of evil.

Smoke of merry swearing flows.
I drown out the hop of anxiety.
The soul sings - the mist of crimson
Farewell gray monologue.

And the daring song flows
To the sound of a glass of wine.
Sleepy young boils
My winged spring.

And every night, like a spell,
I go to a familiar corner.
Again a vulnerable embrace
And frenzied nimble smok.

Dashing youth little by little
Goes into drunken melancholy.
And I'm looking for a way to god
But I can only hear a blizzard all around.

Tired stormy nettle
Burn alcohol on my heart
And the devil looks lustfully
Like a destitute king.

I will not return to the broken pub
I'm tired of the sinful child
And the laugh is empty and poisonous
Saint Ignat will not forgive me.

Moscow ... the winter of my desires,
The glassy hum of my dawn.
I return to the circle of searches
Bullfinches are already pawing.

The hope of warm bloom
Will wake up the trill of a crazy day
Like a carnival of delight
Seeking Him, keeping love.

In the alleys of the blue distance
Epiphany ice is standing.
Wearing green veils
I go all nights for a flight.

Well, where are you, my angel of honor,
The groom of a deceived dream?
I so want to hear the news
See the beauty profile.

And then one day in bad weather
When my eyes are dead
Ignat winked at me to please
And showed a beacon of rumor.

I screamed loudly in my back
Ignat, my dear Ignat!
Do you remember the shaky start?
Our memorial starfall?

A smile flashed haughtily
Like a fiery wounded trail.
You whispered, dear, everything is perishable!
Taking out the chieftain-pistol.

The final
The heart has cooled down, has flown by.
Raspberry ether froze.
Something in the world is empty.
The mourning idol is crying

Showered with hurricane poison
Flying paradise of posthumous troubles.
We have become the fate of a volcano.
Here's our wedding pirouette.
13 February 06

"Poem" of the present
Bird fluff snow
Left the edges.
The darkness of the Pecheneg
The breakdown is scary.
Like children
We wander without a goal.
The whips are bound
Where are we going?
Ladies without heart
Play a novel.
Tibetan image
They're just crap.

Here is my maiden
Excellent talent.
Like a queen
Father General.

Dolls, bracelets
And spring dresses.
Since childhood diet-
The absurdity of novelty.

Sadik, friends,
The perfume is expensive.
Boys are beeches
Where's the cowboy?

Boring gossip
Debauchery under the table.
School nonsense
They go in sequence.

Babysitters are boring
She is not allowed to live.
Books - Talmuds,
Tolstoy is being shoved.

God, how boring
She said.
And not in tune -
Not those times.

Evening, walks
And the moon is shining.
There in the alley
The punks are walking.

Fifth ... ninth
The kid looked-
This one is dented
And this one is mossy.

Okay guys -
You are a small people
And preschoolers
You're an idiot.

We watched for a long time
They're at her.
Listen, "mamzeli"!
Go to your home.

She pouted her lips
Downcast eyes.
She whispered timidly-
My uncle division commander

How scared
Straightening your linen!
Proudly rushed away
Having said - "peasant"!

Native school,
Last call
Inhaling joy -
Cheerful smoke.

Summer, exam
And father's money.
The image is hazy
Wait for the b crown.

Lectures, couples,
Terrible subject.
What are the nightmares
Diploma layout.

The crust of life
It carried over again.
Service to the homeland,
How strained everything.

Dad, advice,
Rich brunette.
Money, bouquets,
Nice lunch.

Crazy youth
And the old groom.
Purchased life
Selfish diary.

Wedding, clothes,
Around the bustle.
Happiness is hope
Love and relatives.

House with mezzanine
Near Moscow itself.
Dinner with a nerd.
How thoughts are dead!

Daughter, outfits,
Bows and silk.
New views,
How bright life is!

Thirty, oh god!
Beauty saloon,
Time for the skin-
Solid pendants.

Masks, surgeons,
Aging look.
Where are the friends
Probably they are doing it.

School, daughter
And money for the class.
The playwright's tale
Have mercy on us!

Ball, talk,
Again the institute.
Languid eyes
Daughter's comfort.

Soon and forty
She will be knocked in full.
The eye is no longer keen,
The whiteness is gone.

Will become sad
Look at yourself.
Daughter is a miracle
Lives in a hurry.

Grandchildren, worries
And again the family.
Late notes
Sewing lessons.

Old age, wrinkles,
The last push.
Paint, men,
Paper flower.

Cold, disgusting
And my legs hurt.
Life is like a painting
She went to the ceremony.

Daughter and grandchildren
She will be told later-
Heavy torment
Fell down with a cross.

Everything flew away.
Lived did not live
And I wanted something -
Burned down.
16 February 06

Three Rings
I, wandering in the eyes of thinness,
Loved you unrequitedly.
Three rings of forgotten fate
I saved it for you imperceptibly.
Your fingers are like black agate
They consoled me in cold blood.
In the semi-darkness I wandered at random
Concealing doubts lovingly.
Black ash beautiful eyelashes
Seared breath tenderly.
I walk the humble harlots
I leave the alley slowly.
How blind I call you
A cloud of dust of a damp sunset.
I'm tired, I still rip off
The first ring in the frame of a pomegranate.
Spicy maelstrom of heavenly dreams
Shares happiness with the executioners now.
In the echoing haze of parting feud
Lost my pearl ring.
Here is the last third - mine,
In silver of the Most Holy Theotokos.
Let the crow keep it
From parting, like a shaky well.
19 February 06

Escaping glance
Of my invisibility
Like a sleeping pill rite
Dissolves into a haze.

I'm looking for you everywhere
Like a secret joy.
You are like a star -
Like happiness, like sweetness.
Our meeting is a flower
Parting flower.
How intoxicating a sip
Destiny, repentance.

And let it be like a villain
I'll leave the arena.
We got to know the devils
By breaking chrysanthemums.
22 February 06

My Angel of bodily sorrow
I breathe your bad weather.
Will I be able to say in verse -
How dear to me is your smoke from the altars.

I don’t need any other happiness.
You are the devil of a love dream.
I cry to you lonely -
Love me drunk ...

Looked so softly, lightly
Fatal eyes of cornflowers.
I hear in response only quietly-
Silence and the ringing of domes.

We need to say goodbye, I know.
My heart is burning with bile.
How it hurts how I die
From love and sweet grievances.
22 February 06

Secret Diary
Words of an unsaid life
I hide in my diary.
His thoughts are bright and capricious.
There's a secret in my moth.
Fantasies of fear, vice
I hid from worldly life,
Put on my coat so shabby
And became a faceless crowd.

And at night when it's lonely
And slave thoughts are buzzing
I rip off myself brutally
Clothes like "lambskin".
On the floor with bare feet
I step, I ate breathing
To the old box with the keys
Where bliss, soul glimmer.

I open the shutter with caution
And my heart trembles with happiness
When my body is under the mask
He talks about you in his diary.
There is a memory of bashful slides
Keeps my shyness for years.
I became like a ghost of epiphanies
Write the revelations of the gods.

You are a secret lover of debauchery
You are my jealousy, no offense.
There will come, I know, reckoning,
My sinful diary will burn.
In the meantime, we draw together
Those meetings at the black churches.
We charm beautifully and greedily
Love is like zealous horses.

I read the lines for hours
In the hope that you will read them.
And maybe the eyes are black-eyed
You will understand mine in languor.
We are closeness, our world is the universe,
Tear of utopian dreams
We are full of love and desire,
Your me, like a devoted dog.

Hostage of an Accidental Grave-
Diary ... my secret diary,
Sorry our vanilla romance
He's too painfully wild.
I forgot myself - denial.
Goodbye my shameless King.
The time has come for parting
I played my nerol.
26 February 06

Parting snow
Salt March blizzard
Swept up the spring garden.
Like a missed friend
You took off your spring outfit.
I can't see your hands
White coldness on the lips.
The dress became from separation
In your snow and moss.
Don't you stay, why did you stay
Somewhere in the flakes of February!
Or, just overplayed,
An image of a wounded glass?
You look chilly at the insult
And you tremble alone in the corner.
Are you continuing the requiem?
For whom, tell me, to whom ?!
Are you aiming for the scaffolds?
Wait, don't cry in a blizzard!
I will come to your swamps
To dry up your longing.
12 March 06

I'm confused by your actor-
A quick actor, without shame -
Such a mystical poseur
With a look of authority and ice.
Your cry is like the poison of passion
Stupefying your body in the semi-darkness.
Discard all black cards
Let's play in silence.
No need for knives, daggers
Take only sweet pollen
I so want a bed of violets
Wherever we are "face to face".
Forget empty roles for a moment -
We are well and so together.
Why do you need words made of salt
We will greet the morning with amber.

Your eyes are full of absurdity
Someone else's wounded graves.
Why did I become from a vessel
Is it bloody to drink love ooze?
He is so viscous and so endless -
Everything sticks to my heart.
And I shout: “How ugly,
Our black scavenger Cupid! "
I hugged you in vain
Hands wet with tears.
You told me indifferently:
I am the forget-me-not of secret dreams.
They are full of other dreams
They do not have me and no one.
Forget the spring of empty searches
I will not return, I am far away ...
I'm not cruel, it just hurts
See the ash from the fire.
Sorry, dear, I'm weak-willed
I break the moment, keeping.
He's not worthy of regret
We destroyed everything and so.
Empty embraces, inspiration
Around the ruins, me, and darkness.
31 March 06

Lame love
Blood-trembling hands
Choked a marble novel
We are like beaten spouses
We were caught in a stone trap.
And we have nothing to breathe from fear,
We just fall without legs
And whisper something vile:
Love is gone - rock soaked
And we drink beautifully, without a trace,
Like two vampires of false troubles
Wine of struggle. How sweet and sour
Taste a red trace on your body!
And there is no reason in our passion
And the chapter has no beginning
We just know that we are parts
One big, lame love.
1 April 06

Breaking the prohibitions
Amber beads from the smell of passion
They languished on the body with bashful beauty.
You are like Venus of charity and power,
You caress yourself like that with reproach, guilt ...
Tied her eyes and wrists with silks,
The indecently beautiful chest trembles.
You are so like Christ on the crucifixion
That I cannot turn away, inhale.
You pour the wine into your hands with a grin
And you stroke your hair stubbornly with longing,
Stay still "sweet tooth" for an hour -
So playful, dear and wonderful.
And maybe I'll come to you without looking back
With a bouquet of nettles that I keep in my heart,
And we will play hide and seek for love,
And I will drown in you forever, forever.
4 April 06

Parquet floor, foot movements.
You are so beautiful and cutesy.
Again, again hard rock
Watch the dance out of deception

The male role and I am with you.
You hugged me awkwardly.
What, what, say, the price
Will I pay for the mousetrap?

Back tilt - I'm on the hip
You are laughing, but I am shy.
Why, why as in silver
I am oxidizing and getting drunk.

Acceleration and pause is the end.
The lesson ended imperceptibly
Took, took the lead with me
And I cry, but so aesthetically.

Standing alone, silent ballet.
My look is languid and marks
The light went out, the light went out in the hall
And I dance for the last.
5 April 06

She forgot compassion
To friends, to enemies, to "friends", to "strangers" -
One stubborn silence
Yes, yellow, tearful makeup.

Isn't that why it became sad
That your pattern is not visible to me ?!
How cold and cloudy it got
From the mask loose in silence.

Erase the reproaches of the ideal
On a tenderly wounded face
Get your sting from your heart
It stung already ...

The last moment - I'm dying
And your sweet poison burns
I call out to you sleepily
Take off your wicker frame.
6 April 06

Queens game
I'll give you my game -
The game of dawn, withering.
And finally, to the altar,
I will give the queen to be torn apart.
Place the pawns at the gate -
Troubled servants for the queen.
A whirlpool swirled us, -
And we are the killers of our faith.
Lilac red rooks
They look haughtily at the queen.
Their fervent eyes, like those of a judge,
Pierced the winged firebird.
Cells flicker like hell.
Now it’s a white door, then again a black one.
Will we find our line
In a vulnerable game?
Our paradise was left on the sidelines
And the horses are breaking free.
We are like "yellow zombies"
Tiredly we drink empty water.
And we breathe through the glass
There is little left, Thank God!
Let's forget our evil, -
Let's go nicely to the epilogue.
I gave you the game
As promised the day before.
And finally, to the altar,
I give a queen to your lagoon.
13 April 06

Happy is the one who nicely threw
Happy is the one who won
Happy, then who built
Your happiness is made of whitewash.

Gloomy is the one who disturbed,
Gloomy is the one who has ceased to love,
Gloomy is the one who summed up
Your life of crooked valleys.

Eternal is he who is fanatical,
Eternal is the one who drowned out,
Eternal is he who is exalted
With your peace from the graves.

I am from the caress of a feline look
Numb powerless in the fog of mirrors.
Hair smell like spicy mint.
I was inevitably chained to you.

I dream to touch you
With eyes, lips and your secret.
God don't let me wake up suddenly
From the intoxication of her dark brown curls.

Brittle hands bowed haughtily.
You, angel, inquisitive, do not torture me!
The heart is anxious - it is inspired
Let's dance with you our deception of being.
17 April 06

Alone in her house
At the dusty lamps
I, as in monochrome,
I love at random ...
I will spread my arms
And I will love
Yourself like a curse
Like a thin thread.
Forgotten loss
In a green cloth.
With cotton eyes
I draw in rough.
My look is so atlas
As, however, and I,
That light is beautiful
My smoke is from the fire.
Fly and spin
I will become in myself.
Crimson with the sunset
The whole body is in me.
Alone in her house
At the dusty lamps
I, as in monochrome,
I love at random.
17 April 06

Our last separation date.
Don't caress me, you flowers me.
I forgot those secret torments
That once teased you

Don't bring me roses with thorns
I broke the vase a long time ago.
And you don't have to stand for months
Like a wanderer killed in a movie.

You have loved me in vain.
I haven't lived with you for three years.
I kissed you ugly
And she was disgustingly sweet.

So why are you whining under the door
Can't you understand
That the end of hypocrisy has come. -
I'm tired of giving myself ...
17 April 06

My wanderer of the bony soul
Fell in love with me before I was born.
Libertine, rage, dance
Above the date of my arrival.

Our meeting is like mourning snow
Was inevitable, I know.
We took a seething run
To the heavenly burial land.

You were waiting at the door like a serpent
My body is dark-skinned
And twisted the rosary like a pygmy,
My blue portrait.

Broke "eyes on eyes"
Like the stares of deadly poison.
I'm like an intoxicated vine
I grow dumb from the black gaze.

Oh, you continue to love
I am so arrogantly rotten
That it’s scary to live
After all, I am so beautiful, curly.

You kiss, and your cheekbones, like silt,
They burn with embarrassment.
My wanderer gave me a drink.
Now I'm in a different dimension.

Our meeting is like mourning snow
It was inevitable, timid.
We took a seething run. -
I became the Mistress of the World.
18 April 06

Doll of Ages
I live in the illusion of the world -
I have no jesters left.
I caress everything with the eyes of the Empire
Bonaparte, like a doll of centuries.
You did not come to a meeting by chance
I kept the chain for a long time.
So rip it off - I don't argue with you,
And pour me wine with a grin.
You are my knight, antics, badass -
You play subtly on my feelings.
We are in the dreams of a jeweler tonight
We create a decoration for two.
We don't need diamonds, sapphires, -
Just copper like green metal
So that the fears of everyday hinges
Transformed into the rarest crystal.
And let him be in a choking rim
Will fly apart into many parts
I will remember that moment of weakness
That is stronger than all love passions.

And then we'll leave the fears
Like a priceless war pendant.
Who Said We Are Not Spouses
That fiercely ardent plague
April 21, 06

She sticks her eyes so gently
Dagger of turquoise on a cold chest,
And so cleverly in the shadows he guesses
That I swallow bloody mercury.

Your passion turned into fun
You, like a gypsy, are corrupt and sweet.
I hate that slut in you
That looks at me in the mirrors.

Your ceremony is disgusting and pathetic to me,
I learned the deadly handwriting long ago.
You are like a flock of exhausted jackdaws
You peck indifferently at someone else's grain.

I can't look without looking back
To your carnival, walking, empty.
Let's stop our weird hide and seek
I'm tired of believing the dry grimace.

I don't need your abandoned pool
Everything disappeared suddenly, believe me.
And let our destinies drown. -
I left like a wounded beast.
25 April 06

I read notes -
Wrinkles in the eyes.
Pour me some whiskey
In silent lace.

Disheveled thoughts
And happiness is close.
How did they penetrate into the heart
Words from Margot.

She won't hear
I'm far away
But the rainbow breathes
It's so easy for you.
26 April 06

Amulet of the Fortune Teller
A fortune-teller held in my palms
My stone of agate bloody fate.
You drove your hands coldly, it's a pity
On the line of a life of short feud.
Like a dwarf in black and purple clothes,
You glared at me with big eyes.
I, as if, froze when in an amulet
I saw mourning, coffins and myself.
And you laughed so hard as if you were crying
Over my animal-squeamish fear,
That I just fell on my back suddenly
And she began to wheeze over your mind.
Perhaps you are the shadow of a trap and a quest. -
My church incense suddenly weakened.
Set off you, fortune teller, my world of scourging
Eaten up with words like a scavenger crab ?!

The riddle is revealed - the riddle of languor.
You left on purpose, leaving your mark.
And all I have left is the stamp of regret
When I looked into your amulet.
April 27, 06

Poems cuckoo
Eyes are dimmed by the haze
From the haze of abyssal verses.
Soul tired of bagpipes
Their own empty angels.
You can't hide offense with sand,
And the tears have dried up long ago.
I was worn out by the druids. -
My heart is fiber now.
I am weaving ineptly - somewhere.
Poems only remained in my soul
And time, as compressed by threads,
As if it were made of papier-mache.
Cuckoo as a starting point
Tired of cuckoo in me
But I will remember a dream from a flight,
Where is the watch in a golden veil.
And it will be gratifying from the thought
That the cuckoo is still alive
That the shadows hung beautifully
Near the meadow, like a brush of verse.
And the sun beams in the desert
Will hug my ball of poetry.
I know now, I am from now on
His slave by the mighty oaks.
April 27, 06

I'm a barefoot boy from childhood
Accidentally hitting the ground of fog.
I will not leave an inheritance with money, -
Only the verses of an unearthly shaman
April 29, 06

Wreath of happiness
Wild Lilac Wreath of Happiness
I weaved for you at dawn
As if in memory of a rainbow summer
Where two young shadows met.

I remember joy and red lips.
We trembled with fear of desire.
You said: "Let's forget consciousness"
And touched the blue with her hands.

Your hair is black resin
So vulnerable were streaming over my shoulders,
What became unbearable in my soul
Create our areola crown.

Our secret of the only meeting
I keep like a night vision
We have known the fruits of awakening
And they went out like young candles.
30 April 06


My Muse went to gaze at the stars,
Like a young maiden, from the mystery of dreams.
An unrequited feeling of wounded nests
I will give you without hiding and crying.
1 May 06

Alik in sandals
The scent of his soot
Shines in the distance.
And proud guards
Circles passed
To nowhere, to nowhere.
He stands and cries
And the horse from the verse
Everything jumps over the field
Soul from sin.
The ascetic got lost -
Liqueur granite.
I have not appeared to you
Christ. - He is killed
1 May 06

Damn it. Rock.
Curse again.
Bad weather -
Five years by the spell.
Prison, bail.
Love is a prison.
Brands like a shred
I will wash it off with blood.
Print alarms.
Himself - by the seal.
Search the palace
Going to the crucifix.
2 May 06

Passerby mask
Give me strength, oh Gods of dishonor,
Leave the circles of lifeless Hell.
Dirt trampled empty buds
Remained sadness, but steel coolness.
Drown in disbelief by the winged Firebird
I am destined to be a family with bells.
I'll become an ugly rebel
As if there was no maiden with flowers.
I will drink bloody thoughts from my heart.
I'm a wild beast with a wounded skin
Joy is now at the grave of the Tibetan, -
I am buried in the mask of a passerby.
5 May 06

My genius
I created you for happiness, -
For the happiness of a tearful euphoria.
You are the secret genius of complicity, -
You are only mine - in my element.
Like a spray of bright weave
The colors flicker intoxicated
And I don't need to know the epiphany
When we create we are detached.
The lemon color of your clothes
Glows with bright rays.
You genius of bright hope
You come down to me at night.
In the hands of your grail is a cup
With the immortal poison of seduction.
Pour over me for shocking
Like an ardent beast - to the point of frenzy.
The scarlet desire will wake up
Create, create the Goddess of the world,
And you, my genius of madness,
Drink with me all the joy of the feast.
8 May 06

Goggle-eyed Serpent
She went into the bloody fog,
And it doesn't hurt me
That laughter is radiant and headless
Hovering in the body of no one ...
No one will say: "Goodbye" -
You died before these words.
There is not a drop of compassion in me, -
I'm a goggle-eyed serpent.
Quick fun is revealed.
Your mouth is smeared with the mud of tears
And the caustic poison sprinkles
Near secret places, among birches.
And explanations won't help
Everything in me died long ago.
So sleep, dead persecution! -
Love is pushed through like a bottom.
No need for biting punishment,
You died in the soul of poetry
There are not drops of contemplation in me, -
I'm a goggle-eyed serpent.
10 May 06

I always escort to others
Love is like a patched shield.
Really, everyone is not so unloved
My voice that is thinly wheezing.
I'm tired of being tormented - no strength
Standing blankly like a shadow.
My Pierrot, who has cooled down in heart,
Leaves, picking lilacs.
And the other one whispers to me languidly
Words without concealment: "I love."
How long have I waited for them, what oppression
Today I will heal in myself.
At dawn I'll be engaged to her
Like a different bride with another.
No, I will not return to myself,
With verses from the shadow of a gray-haired.
12 May 06

Ball without a King
My kiss is a burn of instinct
You knew in advance, but you waited
That in the hour of insane conflict
I'll come running to you for the ball.
But your ball is boring and understandable. -
There will be no King on it.
You will become untidy again, -
You don't know the taste of almonds
I don't want a dry waltz -
You always have one
And goodbye and bragging,
Like the mourning of burned-out years.
You don't see the black ball in red
It is full of little moles.
Burns with a stinging satin
My soul is from gray poses.
That's not why I came
To be a nun for you.
No need for words, I ruined everything. -
And there is no King at the ball.
15 May 06

Rocked the tumbler
Childish and angry hands.
Broken into pieces of glass
Body, thoughts are golden.

These hands have matured. -
Tumbler on the buffet.
Fingers from parting again
Teasing people in a corset.

Tumbler looks dusty
To the theater of cold hands.
A new spectator that is in harness.
Rules the stage for passers-by.

The tumbler turned away.
All my hands were covered with fuel oil.
And fate chuckled so
Winking sadly confused.
18 May 06

The last rain of grave poppies
It rages in the illuminated heart.
I will not get wet from kraplakov
Two eyes in the buried dawn.

The wind is spinning in a hurricane
And the thunder rumbles at the end.
My words, they're trapped
Are hissing from temporary flares

The last rain has eaten away the roads.
I rush anxiously, without looking back
On the backs, which are sometimes cruel. -
My eyes are like those of a sterlet.

The wind is spinning on the eyelashes
Knocking down tears of renunciation.
My soul is now in lightning
Like a flash of light from epiphany.

The last rain, followed by coolness
Ozone breathes to me gloomily
In the face, like a faded barrier,
And again the Sun, Body - Yuno.
19 May 06

Yesenin smiled quietly,
Bowing his head to good.
Or maybe he was just deceived,
In this life in the wind
He gives the subtlety of the eyes to light,
As if he knew the answer to evil.
He's not used to limp to the plot
Where is poverty through glass.
His fields are all around
Drunk without the envy of people.
He always has night poetry
Seemed like a light for devils.
You, Radiance, were not mistaken,
Giving golden curls.
Everything happened at birth.
Yesenin is alive - he is not different.
19 May 06

Transparent skin like fine china
Veined with feelings of unsettling guilt
Inevitably attracts me to your cathedral,
Where is your body, where we are in love.

Burning candles on my knees
And the wax burns the flesh.
I look at you, at white shoulders,
Created by the Supreme Lord.

Will I be able to touch my fingers with passion
Standing at the prayer service, like a beggar delirious,
To the body, which is closest, is in contrast,
My dark-skinned body in Hell ?!

No I can not! - I have no right
Destroy the distance of our love.
Understand, I always admire the hidden head,
Because I'm afraid of myself to the point of blood ...

The imprint of the gothic faith
I will remember you as a painful fever.
How I want the cathedral atmosphere
Has turned us into a madly sparkling fire.
20 May 06


No, I won't drink wine
Like a midnight boy in a haze
Why go to the bottom again
To your mirrored invisibility ?!

You suddenly left, so it means - yes!
I will say with a lonely grin.
My judgment now is fate
Whipping yourself with a tight sedge.

I will not hang with a whip - no!
And I will not stay in a windbreak.
You, like, a piercing portrait,
In my soul - in a sleeping house.

Yes, I won't drink wine.
I'll play the march on the bagpipes
So that you lay down to my bottom
My dream from being invisible.
May 25 06

Roerich's Flower, Sky and Night
I'll bring it to you in the palm of your hand.
Don't look into muted eyes
My tears. You are the East on the icon.

Your guipure, like an ornament of the Universe,
Covers me inevitably.
Really, now thin-grained
The soul has become. I, like the West, are rebellious.

Roerich's Flower, Sky and Night,
Don't look at me - I am earthly
You are the East of the desert, do not groves,
As a shaman, alone, not earthly.

My hands are shaking with bliss
Don't look at me, you are crazy.
I, like the West, are not that perfect.
I, - a clown, not "for everyone" - not crazy.

Roerich's Flower, Sky, Candles,
I keep the petal. you are priceless.
My heart from a heartbeat
Everything is knocking harder, so immensely.
May 27 06


Red Eden
White Raven - Black Call.
Black image - White rock.
Eyes of small moles
Look at the Red Ceiling.

White mind is black laughter.
Black hair is a white bluff.
Night of epiphanies and pleasures
Looks into the red, bilious nerve.

White wind is black ashes.
The black rider is a white helmet.
Castle of souls and hearts captive
Look into my Red Eden.
30 May 06

The body aches like a cripple
Restless from the rains.
They removed the film from the eye - the eyelid.
Tears dry at the nostrils.

The cheeks were all pockmarked.
Pull it out, basmachi -
Barefoot, lame
The word "must" .- Do not shout!

Leper breaks bones.
All the pulsation in the temples.
I can't stand still.
Legs are reduced. - I'm in harnesses.

Thoughts groan, run away.
I see rooks
What is stuffed on the body
The word "must". - Do not shout!

A shiver runs through my fingers.
Coldness on the lips.
Sobriars are ringed
My thoughts are dumb in the dark.

Washes mercilessly
Heart with heat from within.
The air is tearing, it is not enough
The word "must". - Do not shout!

Dryness comes up to the throat,
And I can't swallow
Bitterness, pain, empty essence,
What she bound, burying.

Delirium clings to its claws.
Everything floats, - Do not laugh.
Better take it out in parts
The word "na-do". - Do not shout!
May 31, 06

Redstone rosary
The eunuch carries on his chest.
For the land from the mound
Unwashed war, emptiness,
And black tears of discord
The hawk is biting at the cathedral.
Leaves of vice and revenge
The eunuch burns in the fire.
Two hundred years fly over the coffin
Three seagulls in a mute veil,
And with them the raven of dishonor.
Memory draws a grave.
A remnant of the soul, as if in silt.
I made my farewell speech
The youth of Christ that forcibly
I fell like a takeout.
Naked thoughts to this day,
Are hovering over the coffin of the desert.
June 16 06


Yesterday through the eyes of daggers
Love looked at me ?!
I am the Chaplin of ridiculous ideals
My running was timid.
Yesterday with invisible fear,
I walked with you without a cane,
Warming like beeswax,
A smile with sad longing ?!
Yesterday I watched the spinning
I whitewashed poplar fluff ?!
You are woven like an inflorescence
From the stem of floral ruby.
Yesterday I touched with my hands
Grass on which to rest
Lay down my dreams
About happiness, about another death ?!
Yesterday I went to bed late,
Not knowing the fear of sleep ?!
I hardly dreamed about your image.
I saw you, your names.
18 June 06

Poet of the Misunderstood Planet
Will hide his sleep for you
Like last year's reflections
The love that left me.
I avoid heavy fences -
They are the utopia of the living.
Alone, like smoke in my churches,
You disappeared on the black ones.
Is carried away by the youthful coolness
your voice is soft without a trace.
There was bitterness and joy
That I met you then.
You didn't laugh awkwardly
And she took care of forget-me-nots.
Didn't say that I was needed.
Why did you lie to yourself ?!
And the wind blows your dust
From bare feet of horses.
Love no longer bears fruit
In the eyes of the cold resin.
June 23, 06

White poppy
White poppy of the July night
You have blossomed among the nettles.
Eyes burn the stems
Full of tears. - You are sad.
You will get used to squeezing the bud,
From burns with a stab of passion.
Poppy love, you won't get a sheet
In the land of nettles power.
The wind caresses in timidity
Transparent skin petals.
All the roughness disappears
At the plebeian dark lodge.
You will paint your pollen
Fine white mother-of-pearl.
No tears needed - you won't iron
The beauty of a foggy morning.
Slowly, without a trace
You will absorb moisture into the name.
White poppy, your mystery
It is incomprehensible to anyone.
28 June 06

Night fog of wasted life
The beacon of hope has covered
Ether of fear - reproach
Love of gaping luminaries.
Sea foam can't stand
On the stones, the delicate silk of water.
Farewell light the beacon brings out
To the lagoon of dead darkness
Blind shadows at the dock
Like two sad ships
Disappeared to the old beginning
Their worlds, to the Lighthouse of Zero.
The mute surf rumbles in the distance
The rocks are chipped from the waves.
The lighthouse does not shine, it bubbles
A flicker of the light of antiquity.
The gray-haired seagull carries the cry
In a narrow gorge near the nest.
In the dark, the wind is breaking axes
By the lighthouse, the Ships have gone.
Other shadows at the pier
The smoky dawn is greeted.
Two ships sail to the start
Memories of difficult years.
1 July 06

The voice of anguish and fear
With the timbre of a departed Soul,
Summons to the secret chopping block
Love is like glass. - Stained glass windows.
I roamed in a black vice
The voice of an anguish is like steel.
The screaming image clung
Hands for air - Veil.

Sadness and anxiety will freeze. -
In sleepy eyes, poverty.
The voice of an anguish, from God -
Don't love, don't love. - Emptiness.
Fingers stretched out to Heaven,
Like branches of a bloody dream.
The last word to the nativity scene.
Voice, goodbye. - Silence.
8 July 06


Over the Lake of Happiness, apart,
My silence hovers.
I, closing my eyes from bail,
I draw love. - Shroud.
Eclipse of happiness and heat
Sadly whispers the words.
Two meet on the shore
Secretly, without looking back. - Rumor.
Like a seagull flying into the sky
Hope flapped her wing.
How absurd it is sometimes
Breathe inevitability. - Thunder.
August 3 06


The silence of the words of dumb love
You gave me goodbye
As a chapter preface,
Where the lines jump. - Parting.

And I read between the lines
Empty torments of excuse
To drown out the holy source
Love that whispers: "remembrance"

And at night, maybe it will come
The poet who wrote the confession
And he will sing sadly
Pages of ardent wandering.

But, you, do not be afraid of perishable dreams,
That hugs your sleep
I won't let the mystery of tears
Reveal other people's curses in love.

And we knowingly, without dreams,
We wander like travelers of a novel,
Into the desert of happiness and sins,
Where dope life will overtake us.
17 August 06

Thoughts will settle down suddenly
Realizing that endlessness is near.
Will I be able to create safely
I am the sand church of love.
I will not be afraid of the wind
What can sweep away our shelter.
I know we are young faith
The angels of happiness will save us.
And there, beyond the hills of parting,
The wave is washing away our temple
But the servants of the heavy bail
They will pray for our melting camp.
And the secret fears of sorrow
That we were saved on the edge
Covered in the finest shawls
All the pride of love, like in paradise.
Thoughts will settle down suddenly
Realizing that our temple is made of sand.
Will I be able to create safely
I am the eternity of love that is fragile.
I will not be afraid of the wind, -
We ourselves decided a long time ago
That a young, subtle faith
Love has turned into a stain.
22 August 06


I flew for a shot without looking back
The bloody bullet of their dreams.
No need to build the world like folds,
The whole secret of the wounded deaf.

I'm ready to disarm myself
Afraid of getting hurt through and through
Love has come to destroy me
So that happiness rushes through the heart.

On a troubled day without seconds
I went out in a furious sweat.
duel is not death, but the will of the dandies,
Leave in love, in a blind hell.
23 August 06


And I look into the eyes of love
That whispers anxiously: "I love."
I swear to myself as in blood
That I will intersperse a moment of oblivion.
Wandering in the cold far away
Knowing all the timidity on the crosses,
It hurts more than joy on the rocks,
That bleeds on the scars.
In the desert of torment, call, call
Me in the oncoming loop.
I swear to myself as in blood
That I will numb the fear of love.
To ask for the rapprochement of the earth,
With the planet of happiness on our lips
It hurts more than joy on the rocks,
Which will simply say: “we are in the dark.
And I look into the eyes of love
Having told you: "I love, I love"
I swear to myself as in blood
That your image will intersperse forever.
September 3, 06

Eagle of Heaven
(to dad)
Cotton feet from tears
Wander, wander through the dead land
In the grove of Russia, birch trees.
You flew away in the Heavenly Eagle.
In the pool of sorrow and dates
Crawling, crawling on the dead land
Years that are sacredly silent. -
You flew away in the Heavenly Eagle.
Sunken sounds and screams
Carry, carry on the dead land
A wound of sorrow, your face. -
You flew away in the Heavenly Eagle.
5 September 06

Prayer for the night, like your fate,
I read in the subtleties of debauchery.
Save me my fallen God
From secret pain and deception.
In the sadness of a tart life of tears
You reminded me of an hour in the sunsets.
I will forget our cliff
Where we met passion in jackets.
And I am deliberately alien
All fears of blood fusion.
I know for sure we are needed
Like a demon to an angel in goodbye.
But you left, leaving your revenge
The sudden essence of termination.
How can I eat my love now
When we are created in confusion.
The whole bitter truth does not know
When the whole path has not yet been passed.
We began to timidly understand
That life and death are akin to the Icon.
Prayer for the night, like your fate,
I read in the subtleties of debauchery.
Will we understand that life is an excuse
Where the moment will disappear into the paradise of deception.
6 September 06

Someday I'll get callous
Hardest of all in this world.
You don't point dead
On the plasticity of love in ballet.

I will not accept, and I will not believe
And I will outrage in cold blood.
Close, people, my doors -
The soul in the grave sleeps meekly ...
Buried heart in the land of death
And the funeral service dragged on.
Dance, joyful devils
Until I returned to Life.
Someday I'll get callous
Hardest of all in this world.
You don't point dead
On the plasticity of Love in ballet.
13 October 06

Spread of fantasies for you
In flight of quivering blue
I will give in love while flying
Like Muzy's ghost. - Monogamous.
Get lost in the city and wait
From tender meetings, your kiss -
I am inclined to give everything for this
My ghost Muzy. - Conjure.
In the gaze of languid beauty
Naked passion reads from the lips
The bliss of tears from silence
Like the Ghost of Muzy. - Monogamous.
In the eyes of a silver soul
You deflected the kiss.
Will give the last pennies
My Ghost Muzy. - Triumph.
15 October 06

Heavenly glow of a star
I saw in your eyes.
You are the mineral of holy water
What I held in my hands.
I will save minutes of happiness
And I will give love to verses
Looking for a curse in myself again,
I'm gone forever, again
Years will pass and autumn again
Will remind me of an oval face,
And I will touch my lips to the ground
That I once kissed.
19 October 06


Two women love, ashamed
The flaws of love without looking back.
I'm ready to hide all the subtleties
In the name of a sacred mystery.
October 25 06


And in the morning she was gone, -
Barefoot legs knocked everything down
With a heart stone at the pier
Taking faith out of the silt.
Her hands were numb
Timidly collecting tears.
Farewell non-sounds from lips
Dissolved in the morning.
On the last gasp
Her body lay
Until the morning of love is beyond
Sadly scarlet on the ground ...
And in the morning she whispered
Faith is weak in the womb
To the heart stone at the pier:
"We are together in a baptismal robe"
7 November 06

Swallow like a leper supine
I do not intend the pain of longing.
We are tired in the burnt separation. -
Love cannot give hands.
We are numb in sorrow
And we are proudly waiting for something.
I'm ready to put on your shawls. -
Love is gone with an eye rain.
Neither compassion nor delight
Now they don't grumble in silence.
One only temporary bidding. -
Love is doubly hurt.

Swallow like a leper supine
I do not intend the pain of longing.
We are tired in the burnt separation. -
Love, believe in petals.
14 November 06


Your curls gave wheat
I will stroke like the secret of a flower
In her mask of farewell, impersonal,
What happens in the passion of the wild.
I'll kiss you with my lips
Finally, closing your eyes.
Our looks are wedding with us,
We are the vine blossoming in the ashes.
Do not touch your hands to the body
Naked in a rainbow dream.
Don't be afraid - love is empty
Though crying sobbing in silence.
And wet everyday life is ruining us,
As if we are, as at a meeting of the deaf.
Who said that in languor they judge so
Passion of two not yet gone.
14 November 06